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Juliet Funt's Sparkling Cran-Raspberry Punch

Juliet Funt's Sparkling Cran-Raspberry Punch

Sparkling Cran-Raspberry Punch

1-liter ginger ale
1-liter cranberry juice
1 pint raspberry sherbet

Combine liquids in a large pitcher. Add sherbet to pitcher. Top with fresh or frozen raspberries if desired.

Juliet Funt was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Portland University’s School of Business Administration with degrees in international marketing and advertising management. Funt is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consulting firm that helps people reclaim their creativity, productivity, and engagement. She is also the author of the popular book, A Minute to Think, which is a guide for concentration. Funt has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, and Fast Company, and helps thousands of companies unburden their talent from busywork and answer the critical question: “What thoughts deserve my full attention today?”

Did you Know?

Cleaning Mirrors

Cleaning Mirrors

Did you know you shouldn’t clean mirrors with Windex and a paper towel in a circular motion? Cleaning with a circular motion actually re-deposits dust and debris from your cloth back onto the surface, leaving streaks. Instead, you should spray your cleaner directly on a microfiber cloth and wipe in a tight S-pattern from top to bottom, making sure to cover the entire surface area of the mirror on your first swipe. Many cleaning experts recommend creating your own solution by mixing one part vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle and shaking well.

Printing Quiz

If your printer mentions the word body, what they really mean is:

  • The physical structure of a person or animal
  • The external structure of a vehicle
  • The main text of a printed or digital piece

The body of a print document is the main part of printed text, excluding headings.