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Add a Drop Shadow for Drama

Here are some thoughts about how to use drop shadows more creatively:
  • The drop shadow can be a surprisingly simple means of making an image more interesting.
  • A drop shadow can be realistic, or can be presented as a simple, hard-edged gray tone.
  • Shadows can darken a mood or convey a look of sunshine.
  • Many software programs feature the ability to add a drop shadow to an image.
Use drop shadows to signify:
  • Light sources
  • Realistic images
  • Graphics
  • Flat images
  • Perspectives
  • Darkness
  • Light

Idea Index

by Jim Krause

The name says it all. This book is an index filled with idea seeds to help any designer, from novice to expert, catch that creative spark. Filled with graphic examples and text explaining the design technique displayed, this book is a must have for any designer's collection.